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Hi! We're Andrew and Kat. We help busy people improve their health.



"This experience stands out as one of the most rewarding investments in myself"

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Lose fat + build lean muscle while eating the foods you enjoy + doing workouts that match your lifestyle.

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Boost energy, improve your digestion, feel less pain + feel more vibrant overall with our holistic health insights.

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Build confidence by learning the best nutrition + fitness habits for your body over a long period of time.

Want to lose weight but can't find the time? Enter your email to receive our "Weight Loss Blueprint for Busy People"


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Custom Nutrition Plan

Fully personalized meal plan to match your goals, food preferences, and dietary needs. Includes macros, food choices, portion sizing, and more. This is yours to keep forever.

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Custom Fitness Plan

Together we create a fitness plan that works for you. Hate the gym? No problem. Low on free time? We get it. Movements that fit into your routine, and with the equipment you have, but will keep you healthy for life.

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Nutritional Resources

Everything you need to be an expert on nutrition including: recipes, food swaps, macro guides, best grocery stores, snack recommendations, supplements, and more.

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Constant Support

Scheduled phone calls, formal check-ins, health questionnaires, and most importantly - unlimited access to your coaches via messaging within our app.

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Flexible Planning

Going on vacation, traveling for work, or just doing a date night? No problem. We can adjust your workouts or offer food recommendations for any situation.

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Lifetime App Access

All meal logs, nutrition plans, photos, body stats, and workouts live in one place. The Alta app is yours to use forever. All workouts and plans remain in the app even after 90 days. 


Kat posing on bench

Head of Nutrition


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Kat is an accomplished trainer and nutritionist, working with celebrities, parents, and everyone in between. Kat’s interest in wellness started with her own journey, which lead her to become a CPT and a Board Certified FNTP, with over 15 certifications in fitness and nutrition specialties. She is a fiercely compassionate coach who believes all her clients can achieve anything they set their minds to, as long as they are willing to put in the work.

Andrew on a bench

Head of Lifestyle


Andrew first met Kat when she became the nutrition coach for him and his wife. She helped Andrew handle issues with high cholesterol and gut health, and she helped Andrew's wife with weight loss and hormone balancing after becoming a Mom. He was so impressed with Kat's coaching he decided to partner with her to form Alta. Now it's Andrew's mission to show anyone that no matter how busy they are, they can find time to prioritize their own health. Whether it's focusing on weight loss, muscle gain, or gut health, Andrew wants everyone to know that self-care is family care.

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Book a Call

First step is to book a complementary discovery call where we will go over your goals and determine if you are a fit. If not, we will point you in the right direction. 


Prep Week

If we decide to work together, you will immediately get invited to our app to begin tracking your food and completing a series of intake forms so we can learn more about you and build your plan.



Next, you will have a nutrition call with Kat and a fitness call with Andrew to get set up, learn the ins and outs of your plan, and ask questions. Over the next 6 months you will have 24/7 messaging access to coaches and ability to schedule calls as needed.

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Yes, you can change your life in 90 days.

Month 1

Energy increased, less pain, reduced cravings, + improved digestion. Staying motivated is challenging, but rewarding.

Month 2

Feeling stronger or leaner, visible weight loss, feeling full and fueled. Habits are feeling easier to stick to.

Month 3

Obvious body comp change, consistent energy + a self-confidence boost. Habits are routine, discipline is building.


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Working with Kat and Andrew has been great! My program has been focused on losing some weight, gaining muscle, and getting my health issues in check. During my 3 months with Alta I have lost 4 pounds, eating more calories than I previously had been. More importantly, I have gained muscle, my migraines have improved, my hair and nails are growing, I have more energy (and it is much more stable), my colds last 1/4 as long, and I am living a much more active lifestyle. 

Kat and Andrew provide very specific action plans and feedback. They also are great at tailoring the program to your individual needs and goals and I've felt very supported in reaching my goals. I am feeling much more confident in my body, my relationship to food, and so happy with the improvements to my health. Highly recommend working with this team!



  • How does the coaching program work?
    Once you're approved to work with us, you will be paired with a nutrition coach and a fitness coach. You will receive an onboarding call with each coach. You will receive a fitness plan and meal plan customized to you and your goals. Then, they will help you execute on these plans by re-building healthy habits that last for the rest of your life. Each coach will give you exactly what you need to hit your goals and are available for questions any time in the app throughout your program.
  • How much does this program cost?
    We have 2 tiers of customized coaching. The minimum length is 3 months. Schedule a consultation call to learn more about our programs and chat with a coach about which one makes sense for your current lifestyle and needs.
  • Do I need access to a gym?
    No. Our coaching program is all about finding what works for you. If you are interested in joining or a gym, or have a membership, we can give you workouts. If you prefer working out at home, we can program at-home exercises with minimal or no equipment.
  • How much of this program is automated vs. talking to a real person?
    This entire program is about human connection. We don't use AI or bots. Your coach will be tracking your workouts and meals, offering you personal advice, and answering your specific questions.
  • What if I've tried a program before and it didn't work?
    We recommend booking a free call to talk through your specific challenges to see if and how we may be different.
  • What if I'm only interested in fitness or nutrition, but not both?
    We can discuss a plan custom to you, but encourage you to be open-minded. Our program is about delivering results in the short-term and making them stick in the long-term, so we prefer to focus on the whole picture.
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